TelXpress brings a fresh, easy to understand and configure telephony system that enables its customers with the full power of IP telephony. The TelXpress scales from 8 to a 1000 users, offers countless call features such as conference, voicemail, fax-to-mail, shared-line, DISA and callback. It also offers IT itegration features like group based policies, unified messaging, CTI, CRM integration and programming interfaces.


TelXpress is offered both as a cloud service and on-premises. The cloud service is be suitable for small businesses and distributed companies. The on-premises product is highly recommended for larger companies and for call centers.


With the TelXpress system you can:

  • Create a fully featured PBX system for offices and organizations
  • Record phone calls, archive, search and retrive
  • Create a sophisticated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system able to integrate with information systems
  • Create telephony interaction with computers using Quality Bytes NetMSG (Instant Messaging and Presence)
  • Receive faxes to e-mail ("Fax2mail") and send faxes from desktops, IT systems and mail ("Mail2Fax") system including Microsoft Exchange
  • Create a multi-site configuration using multiple PBX systems or by installing phones on remote sites
  • Conduct video calls over IP

IP Telephony

  • 100% Pure IP – Built from the ground up as an IP PBX
  • Fully interoperable with PSTN (teleco) lines including analog and digital PRI/BRI
  • Organizational features – Unified messages, group based policies, partitions and much more
  • IT-Interoperable – Features APIs for receiving commands and triggering events from IT/ERP/CRM systems

Telephony Features

The TelXpress system represents a single-box straightforward PBX solution with one central management system. Other PBX systems, both ‘traditional telephony’ and IP PBX system require tedious, complex configuration and integration of multiple vendors, boxes and software components.

  • Built-in support for remote IP phones and softphones
  • Fax2Mail service allowing faxes to be received to e-mail
  • Inbound/Outbound call recording
  • Voicemail including a voicemail to e-mail connector
  • Multiple-depth IVR
  • Conference rooms (capable of conducting 10-party conference calls)
  • Music on Hold capable of playing MP3 sound files
  • Call Data Record (CDR)
  • Inter-site connectivity, inter-PBX connectivity
  • TAPI Dialer – Dial from Outlook and many other TAPI enabled applications
  • Connects to SIP VoIP provides to conduct low-rate international calls
  • Extends existing (legacy) PBX systems

Instant Messaging and Presence with Quality Bytes NetMSG

  • Deploy instant messaging with Quality Bytes NetMSG
  • Shows the status of other user's presence, including Online, Away, On the Phone and Ringing
  • Displays CID (Caller-ID) information on-screen when inbound calls are received
  • Stores call history (incoming, outgoing, missed)
  • Provides an API for "Screen Popping" - start (mainly call-center and CRM-related) applications and run scrips when calls are accepted
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Corporate Fax with QBFax

  • Send faxes directly from the PBX channels without employing modem or dedicated fax cards
  • Fully features corporate fax software with a desktop client and an Exchange/SMTP connector
  • Supports both Mail2Fax and Fax2Mail
  • Provides APIs to software applications for automatic faxing
  • Supports mass-faxing with distribution lists from external sources
  • Workflow module enables message handling after a fax is received or sent
  • Fine grained permission system restricts users from unauthorized fax viewing and audits authorized fax views
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