Since founded in the year 2000, Quality Bytes has been developing gateway security solutions.
The Quality Bytes gateway security system supports industry-standard protocols and provides robust, reliable and high-performance gateway-level applciations.

  • Full SPI Firewall
  • Intrusion Protection (IPS)
  • Anti Virus
  • Anti Spam
  • URL Access Controls
  • VPN
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Mail Relay
  • HTTPS Reverse Proxy, including OWA(Outlook Web Access) publishing
  • High-Availability (both Active/Active and Active/Passive)

Gateway security is implemented with the serverXpress Product, Quality Bytes mailXpress and add-on modules.
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Bandwidth Management for Community Housing

The serverXpress product has a market share of over 33% percent of the Israeli "Kibbutzim". The serverXpress has proven success over other bandwidth management solutions and gives its users the confidence in using the serverXpress product to handle the sharing of one leased line between houndreds of home users making thousands of houndreds of sessions.

Using it's layer-7 enabled bandwidth management system, the Server Express balances between HTTP surfing, e-mail, P2P file-sharing applications, video conferencing, auto and many more applications. Aside from bandwidth management, the Server Express security gateway handles firewalling, VPN, mail relaying and DHCP. The platform also supports Quality Bytes Mail Security - Quality Bytes' advanced mail processing system.