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TelXpress is an easy-to-use and configurable telephony system, providing its customers the full power of IP telephony. The TelXpress system supports 8 to 1000 users, offers multiple features during conferencing, voicemail, fax to mail, shared line, DISA and signaling. The system also offers integration features like Group Policy, Unified Messaging, CTI, CRM and integration of programming interfaces.

 TelXpress system allows you to:


  • Office communication system

    Creating a convenient and multi-featured system, optimal for offices and organizations.

  • Advanced call router (IVR)

    Progressive technology that includes an intellectual voice response and an interface to organizational knowledge systems.

  • Call archive

    Control, recording and viewing the call set, in addition to smart back up that enable searching, retrieving and more.

  • Interactive communication between computers

    Using innovative technology - NetMSG (Instant messaging  system + Presence)

  • "Fax2mail" Service

    Enable you to receive fax to any email, and send the fax from the workstation as well, In addition to information and mail systems ("Mail2Fax") include Microsoft Exchange.

  • Create a multi-site configuration

    Using multiple PBX systems or by installing phones on remote sites.

  • Managing shared conversations

    A service that offers conference calls along with video sharing over the IP.

  • Manage queue/skill

    Control and handle a queue/skill based call center.

Telephony Characteristics:

Access to the PBX via IP phone or
soft phone

Flexible geographical layout including setting up branches and connecting from home

Quick installation without the need for servers

Record incoming and outgoing calls

Dial the extension at the same time as dialing the mobile

Voice mail including email interface

Multi-menu call router

Multi-user meeting rooms
(up to 10 users)

Fax2Mail service that allows you to receive faxes directly to your email inbox

TAPI dialer - Dial directly from OUTLOOK from other software


Enables instant messaging and Prensence through Quality Bytes NetMSGAllows display of names with user statuses as: linked, busy, unavailable, uninterrupted and disconnected

Displays the user ID (CallerID) on the screen when receiving a call

Store call history (received, sent, missed)

Provides API "Screen popping" - Start (especially useful in Call Center and CRM systems) App and run scrips when a call is approved

QBFAX Organizational Fax System

Sending stripes directly from the PBX without the need for a modem or dedicated fax card

Advance enterprise fax system includes an "agent" at the workstation, and an SMTP connection to an Exchange server

Supports sending and receiving faxes Mail2Fax, Fax2Mail including Microsoft Exchange Connector

Provides an API that enables automatic faxing from software applications

Quantitative sending of mailing lists and direct mailing from external systems

A workflow component that allows you to handle a message after receiving or sending a fax

An authorization system that prevents unauthorized users from viewing or changing faxes

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